Dark Tangos Blog Tour

Aside from two local signings (at The Regulator Book Shop in Durham and Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh), my big 2011 publicity effort was a series of appearances on high-traffic literary blogs.

Here's how it went down, with permanent links to my contributions:

Mon 9/5 "Big Idea: Justice"
 John Scalzi's Whatever
Tue 9/6 "Tango: The Dance"
 Gwenda Bond's Shaken and Stirred
Wed 9/7 "Tango: The Music"
 Ron Hogan's Beatrice
Thu 9/8 "The Bare Necessities: Inspirations"
 Rebecca Joines Schinsky's Book Lady's Blog
Fri 9/9 "Old Fears: A Short History of a Dirty War"
 Colleen Mondor's Chasing Ray


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