Glimpses cover

Published by Willam Morrow and Company, July 1993
Reprinted by Avon Books, August 1995
Reprinted by St. Martin's Griffin, March 2001
Reprinted by Subterranean, August 2010

Winner 1994 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel
Winner 1993 Violet Crown Award for Best Novel (Austin Writer's League)


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The complete novel is available as a free PDF download on the Fiction Liberation Front site.


Glimpses audiobook cover Glimpses is available as an audiobook from Grammy and Audie award winner Stefan Rudniki, who was behind both my Missing Persons and my Say Goodbye audiobooks, is reader and producer.

Quotes and Reviews

"Lewis Shiner is the most important and promising young writer on the scene today. Glimpses has the raw power of a documentary, a nitty-gritty, minute-by-minute evocation of a highly personal journey. Glimpses captures the sixties perfectly—I was there, and it was the way Shiner writes it."

—Dr. Timothy Leary

"Glimpses is a book that invites contemplation—of the tragic ways that many of the greatest musicians of our times have destroyed themselves; of the unpredictable patterns of growth in individuals, art, and society; of time and causality itself. Shiner grants nearly every character here some moment of wisdom, some clarity of expression, so that each can express his or her own truth. That he manages to do so without being obvious about it, that he can convey all these points of view while keeping a complexly plotted novel going, is a marvel of writing ability. In thematic grandeur, vividness, and sheer audacity, Glimpses stands with G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday, and other outstanding works of magical realism.
   "Lewis Shiner couldn't have written this book without a deeply felt sense of the fragility of art, of how many great works have passed into the ages never to enlighten, inform, or entertain new generations. Though the masterworks he conjures up in such exquisite detail are lost to us, we now have a bit of compensation for their absence: a masterpiece of the imagination called Glimpses."

LA Reader

"Glimpses is dead-on about the high and tight nineties even as it reaches out for the sweet hereafter of the sixties. It longs for something better, and finds it, I guess, as much as anything is ever found anymore. It's a mean, sweet, wry, and disturbing book, in equal portions."

—Frederick Barthelme, author of Moon Deluxe

"You don't have to be a musician to love Glimpses, but musicians will appreciate how free it is of the strained, embarrassing attempts to describe the musical process that torpedo so many non-musicians when they try to write about music. Much less gimmicky than it sounds, Glimpses is ingenious, well-crafted, and deeply moving."

—Joe Gore, Guitar Player

"Glimpses took me into the world of the people who used to read my work. It's a tribute to your strength as a writer that you overcame my basic view of human beings as cockroaches in monkey suits and actually aroused feelings of compassion and understanding. It is a really wonderful book."

—Jules Siegel, author of "Goodbye Surfing, Hello God!"


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