May, 2019--Outside the Gates of Eden, my epic new novel, is out and selling briskly. Order from Subterranean Press or online stores, or special order at your local indie bookseller. Heroes and Villains is still available as well.

October, 2017--a long-overdue cleanup of both my personal site and Fiction Liberation Front. The biggest news is my first book in six years, Heroes and Villains, a collection of three novellas and a fable, which may be the most accessible book I've ever published. It's from Subterranean, so you know it's going to be beautiful.

August, 2013--Doctor Helios, my brand-new spy novella, is the cover story in the Fall issue of Subterranean Magazine. Also, the trade paperback of my latest novel, Dark Tangos, is at the printer and should be available online soon.

June, 2011--The last two backlist novels in Subterranean's Definitive Edition series are now available from Amazon and other online retailers: Say Goodbye and Slam.

March, 2011--Stefan Rudniki, award-winning producer and voice actor, has created a Glimpses audiobook that is now available on

January, 2011--My new novel, Dark Tangos, is now officialy scheduled for late August from Subterranean.

January, 2011--A new interview with me is up at The Damned Interviews.

August, 2010--New trade paperback editions of Glimpses and the never-before reprinted Frontera are just out from Subterranean, and they look fabulous, if I do say so myself.

July, 2010--There's a very, very long interview with me on the website for Black Clock, the cool literary mag that published "Perfidia" and an excerpt from Black & White.

December, 2009--My career-spanning Collected Stories volume is now shipping from Subterranean. Also available are the first two volumes in the "Definitive Editions" series from Subterranean--beautiful, matching trade paperbacks of Deserted Cities of the Heart and Black & White.

November, 2009--Coral Press, which specializes in fiction about music, has a chart of the top 40 novels about rock and pop. I'm not sure how the rankings are calculated (obviously not by sales!), but I'm proud to report that Say Goodbye holds down the #14 position, and the coveted top spot goes to none other than Glimpses.

January, 2009--Art Taylor has posted an interview with me on the Metro Magazine literary blog.

January, 2009--Black & White made several year's best lists, including the LA Times "2008 crime fiction favorites" and the Durham Herald-Sun "Books selections from '08."

June, 2008--Black & White has been released; reviews and other information are available here on the site.

December, 2007--Black & White, my new suspense novel, will be published by Subterranean Press in June, 2008. There will be a limited edition and a trade hardcover. The book will be hard to find in brick and mortar stores, so you may want to preorder from the Subterranean website.

December, 2007--Ticonderoga Publications of Australia will do a limited edition trade paperback of my Love in Vain collection, with additional stories. The book is planned for summer of 2008. You can preorder from the Ticonderoga website.

July, 2007--I added links to the short-story versions of the first three chapters of Deserted Cities of the Heart on Fiction Liberation Front. I also added a preview of my novel Slam, completing my project to get previews up for all my novels.

On 30 June, 2007, I launched a new website, Fiction Liberation Front, ( It's a free online collection of my short fiction, articles, and screenplays, in both HTML and PDF formats.

April, 2007--Added information about my audiobook, Missing Persons.

Site updates

12/23/07...revised homepage to link to new pages for Black & White and the Ticonderoga reprint of Love in Vain.

7/22/07...added previews for Deserted Cities of the Heart and Slam.

6/30/07...launched Fiction Liberation Front.

6/10/07...added Frontera preview.

4/27/07...changed homepage to add Missing Persons.

11/05/04...code updates. Added short story "You Never Know."

4/15/04...added "Lizard Men of Los Angeles."

3/30/ photo, minor updates.

6/15/03...updated autobiography.

8/19/01...updated home page.

4/07/01...updated home page and news, added "Steam Engine Time."

11/27/99...added "Sticks" and my article on the Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks album "Orange Crate Art."

9/7/99...added "Mark the Bunny."

9/6/99...added short stories "Love in Vain" and "Match," also page for Frontera.